Tapioca is a starch extracted from the root of some plant from Central america and South america. People eat it and stuff. Lucas' Banjo loves to eat it all day and night and doea not like when it is stolen from him by Babylonian presidents.

The Great Tapioca Controversy of 20 BBY

The Babylonian President Al'Shahada once stole Lucas' Banjo's Tapioca. When Lucas' Banjo heard this alarming news he went craaaazy. He walked around looking for a way to get back at him. Then he saw a hopeless old man with nothing to live for and thought up his genius plan. He would have the worthless old man strap bombs to himself and then run into the capital building and get as close to the president as possible before detonating the bombs. This technique was later named suicide bombing and grew into a giant fad especially in the Middle East area of America.