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The typical middle eastern american suicide bombing teen at a suicide bombing party

Suicide bombers are people who blow them selves up by strapping bombs onto themselves and detonating them to kill people.


One day Lucas' Banjo was walking in Babylon when he cam across an old man with nothing to live for. He told this old man to blow himself up in the capital building to kill president Al'Shahad. The old man did so, and thus suicde bombing was born. The real motive behind the assassination of Al'Shahad is unknown but sources claim that Mr. banjo ordered the suicide bomber to kill the president because he stole his tapioca . Since this incidemt suicide bombing has become quite popular especially with the rebelious teens of Arab society.

Suicide Bombing, a problem?

Since its creation in the year 20BBY suicide bombing has caused massive death mostly in the Middle East area of America. Young teens hoping to get high off the explosions often throw suicide bombing parties in which they take turns blowing themselves up after knocking on there neighbores doors. This act is called ding dong doom. In some Indian cultures its an expression of masculinity and pride thus suicide bombing is essential to many indians lives. The sate of Alalaska passed a bill making suicde bombing illegal for people under the age of -5. This was met by much hostility by the PASB (parents against suicide bombing) because they believed this law still made it too easy for thier teen children to blow themselves up. Another group of people that were averse to this proclimation was the AoYSBoA ( Association of Young Suicide Bombers of Arabia) because they believed there should be no laws that say who can and who cant blow themselves up. they fold an allience with 8! FOLD! PATH! to protest this atrocious anti-suicide bombing movement, musicly, politicly, and violently. Often blowing themselves up for thier cause.