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Ryan's vocal chords were designed by Demitri mendevleev in an effort to combine the vocal stylings of Getti Lee, Freedie Mercury, Mike Tyson, and sting into one beautiful voice. They certainly succeeded, however these vocal chords became too beautiful and arguements and tention in the laboratory became a huge problem. The beauty of the vocal chords resulted in unstable radioactive decay of the nuclei. this produced high energy gamma radiation killing the too scientists on this project. The vocal chords were now free in the streets and had the hugest killing spree since Joe Rifkin and Hitler combined.


The vocal chords were created in a lab in Transylvania called Argereev. Demitri mendevleev and his sidekicks Men Struationivv and Dick Huertz(although Dick died after 3 days of research because he drowned in his toilet) had a history on researching Industriallization of the Bra industry. However when hearing Rush in 1972 and losin his virginity to Angela Bowie that very night, Mendevleev decided to take a much more biological approach to his research.