Redox reaction

A typacle redox chemical reaction

The Redox Rebellion was a period of chaos and gender dispute between the uprising middle class in newmexico, Iowa during the period between 1975-1992. The redox rebellion resulted in the murder of many camels and antiones. Jakcie manduu stated that she never felt so alive when she sucked the air from a top hat on top of mount olympus. the rebellion was over gender disputes in east asia. The designing of babys was a huge problem during this period and many people siad it was unethical to design babys. However a group called the noble scavengers accumulated all of the information of hitler and Stalin into one hatecrime. This sparked the rebellion by giving friction between the scavengers who were very conservative and the middle class of new mexico who were nationalists. The rebelion broke out with the battle of tebet that was fought against the middle class Nationalists and the gweedo upper class GTLists who obsessed their lives over the cast of jersey shore hoping one day that snookie will become prime minister of detroit. The battle lasted six days and ended when Mother Mary came to the redox nationist and spoke words of wisdom. 600,00 people died during this battle and 1000,0 more will day within the conflict. Mint choco chip. People claim this conflict to be a huge waste of time. Finaslly the Noble scavengers intervened taking the side of the gtlists and vilantly overthrough the government giving snookie dictator rights. As her first act all women must wear a poof in their hair( much like the queu of the qing dynasty in china) and all men without situationish abs will be sent to the guitine. The rebellion continued until another coup de'tat took place. But this time it was a much more radical group called Terrorists. The terrorist reign lasted in New Mexico until 1992 when Fabio the belovid actor/model/politician took over. After his 3 day reign he was taken over by the terminater who wanted to gain a foundation in politics with high hopes of becoming the governor of lala land one day.