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Lucas was on the ice planet of Hoth when he came across a device that fits in your pocket, but is capable of futuristic recording techniques like autotune, hypertune, and ludacris-tune. Darth Steve Jobs (the dark lord of the sith at the time), while fighting off rebel snow speeders saw this and copied its design for his iPhone. So he sent his willing young Indian Aprentice darth Nikhil to fetch him a copy. On the way Darth Nikhil was recruited to the light side by Master Obama the very Libral Jedi. (who is later assassinated by earl =D

Creation and gender disputes

In the year 23,000 BBY a polar bear decided to open up a company named Radio Shack. Although his business was slow at first and hindered by the growing sith empire he did manage to make one overall spactacular creation. It was called Lucas' Recording Device. This device included suroumd sound speakers with a giant subwoofer for dat phat bassline. when on recording mode it would transform into all different recording equipment. Fat people called it the Jarula Izura. The mirriad of equipment built into one small device and the copious amounts of effects made this device very valuble to Koala Bears and Mountain lions due to thier obsesive compulsive need of organized recording. Lucas was able to get it for 2 shillings and a piece of broken glass because polar bears suck at negotiation they also enjoy the pain that comes with sucking at life.

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