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lucas' banjo in all its t-rex jesus glory


Lucas' Banjo was born in the year 15 and was made by Jesus out of T-rex skin leather. His cousin Guatamala was actualy hand-forged from dragon skin by blind dwarf nuns and he has been sexualy active with said cousin since the 60s.

Early Childhood

After being hand made by Jesus "Jew" Christ on September 18th 15 AD Jesus aboandoned him in the year 20 AD and stole his idea of changing the Jewish religion claiming his father to be God. After this tragic expierience he became homeless and expieramented with LSD and several forms of heroin including black tar. He later cleaned up and found Jesus. After finding Jesus he beat him up for abandoning him. Jesus said that Lucas' Banjo would just hold him back from revolutionaizing the world of Judaism. Lucas' Banjo came to an agreement with Jesus and left with feelings of worthlessness and fell back into his self distructive ways of the past. jesus then brought the bumblebees to America. Once there he had a conference with Adam and Eve about hoe he felt bad for Mr. Banjo. He ended up doing nothing about it and Mr. Banjo found a new partner in crime, Muhammad. After being raped several times by Muhammad his childhood ended in the yearb 22 AD and he was abandonded by Muhammad for his irrational inexceptance of Muhammad's feelings of lust towards him. He entered a much more crazier stage in which he ODed thrice.

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