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Blinds are used to cover windows and were invented by Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Bane in the year 45.

The importance of blinds in music

Blinds are often used by musicians to cover their windows and are often inspired by their beauty to write beautiful and awe-inspireing music like the classic "Gagye" by "Retnalty" and the not very well known but equally beautiful "SOTCB" by "8! FOLD! PATH!"

A brief History of Yellow

Yellow was at first a colour used only for the production of blinds to cover the windows of Iziz. This was met with much hostility because yellow is such a beautiful and vibrant colour. Eventually this lead to a massive peasant rebellion and a coup d' tat that left a bumch of incompetent peasants in charge of the government. This caused disasters like famine, debt, earthquakes, huricanes, tsunamis, mormanism, drugs, and dinosaurs to destroy 3/4 of all life on Onderon.