mmmmm tums

Tums. i like tums. but they give me headaches, what the fuck is wrong with the world. Everything is flawed. No matter how perfiict and unflawed something is it always has flaws. Who created the world. cuz in my opinion the world is a whos who on human crap. however this page refers to the flaws of antacid pills only. its kinda sad that they cant create a legitimate antacid pill. All i want is to go to school without taking a dump before the end of the day, but thats just me. If only there was a better way. If only there was an antacid pill you take biweekly. well now there is! jk this isnt a fucking infomercial. its a fucking proposal. PLeaseee. someone out there come up with this. 8! FOLD! PATH! are the greatest band in the world however they are dying. From gas. They get bloated often. If only there was a way. if only if only. People need to stop and look in the mirror and say hey you know what. Im gonna pledge my life to discovering a biweekly antacid pill. Thats the problem today. The reason we dont have this is because no one sits down and applies themselves anymore. we need to do this by then. Bam its done. Tums. I like tums. They taste nasty but they work. I fear the day has come where i have become immune to tums. i can take 5 7 8 9. no effect. so whats the deal. Does life have to be like this, Do we have to go on knowing that we will never have biweekly antacid pills. i say nay. i say you. you. or you will discover the secret. do it for the band. they are dyin